Wayne Kemper- Avon Executive Unit Leader & President's Club Member



Linda Beckman says:

Hi Wayne ~

Congratulations on your website — it has a very pleasant and unique style about it. You can be proud of it!

It was so nice to talk to you today, and also to see the pictures of you and your dad on this website…now I have faces to go with the names! Trevor is precious. You and he are fortunate that you can be home with him at this stage of his life…it’s a precious time of life that passes way too quickly.

Thanks again for your phone call and kind words, I always enjoy talking to you. I’m wondering…were you calling me for a reason and I monopolized the conversation? If so, please forgive me and let me know what you were calling about.

I hope you have a good week…I passed a marquee on the way home that announced “21 days till Spring!”…. so looking forward to that!

Must close and get busy. Take care and God bless.
Linda Beckman


April Benson says:

Hey Wayne,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the advice and help you have given me. It has been more help then you know! I am loving being an Avon rep, and it’s wonderful to have someone there who’s always willing to help when I need it and never treat me like I’m just a bother. Thanks again! I really appreciate you!


Katrina says:

I thought it was a very nice website, lot of helpful information for someone who wants to know about avon, and you talked about family that is the most important thing.Shows you are a regular family man supporting a good business not a get rich scheme, keep up the good work!!!


Sarah says:

Wayne is AWESOME…He was very helpful in getting me started in my Avon business which I am enjoying very much (most days anyway HAHA). He has been very patient with me and answered any questions I have about how things work. I really appreciate that!

Keep up the good work Wayne.


Esther Cota says:

Yes I agree Wayne is awesome! I must have asked him about a million questions since I started my business 2 months ago. Wayne is always prompt and accurate with the information he provides, Thank you Wayne, Ill keep the questions coming!


Randy Olson says:

Hey Wayne it was great talking to you the other day. You have a very kind,pleasant,enthusiastic manner about you. The website is great. Isn’t Network Marketing wonderful?
Thanks, we’ll be in touch


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