Ah...Spring! We enter the season with renewed vigor and vitality, wondering what the coming months will have in store. Could we perhaps start the season off with a new business opportunity that is sure to pay off? Now would be the perfect time to start selling Avon! Why Avon? Why now? Not only is Avon the largest direct sales company in the world, it also boasts a beauty line that is cutting edge along with a fair price. It is a product that people are looking for, not just claiming to do as the product says it does, but also performing on a high level also. The commissions are some of the most attractive in the industry as well. In your first 4 selling campaigns as long as you have at least a $50 on-time order, Avon will provide you a 40% commission on all Avon produced items. That means all makeup, skin care, jewelry, and bath & body! If this wasn't exciting enough, the start up cost is only $20.

Many representatives use fundraisers as a springboard to higher sales. There are many different ways to go about this. School clubs, daycare, band, or sporting teams are usually groups that would be thrilled with a fundraising opportunity! Class trips, community service groups, and charities are more organizations that would be pleased to agree. Avon has fundraising materials available for download off of the representative site, youravon.com that could assist you on making a professional presentation to the organization or group that you would like to assist.

Some of the most successful Avon representatives do just this in order to make a nice supplemental income for them and their families. Why not give it a shot? Simply go to the offical Avon online sign up page:  http://www.startavon.com and enter in the reference code: WKEMPER

The following are some cities that have a shortage of Avon representatives: Knoxville, TN
                                                                                                            Columbia, SC
                                                                                                            Kansas City, MO
                                                                                                            St. Louis, MO
                                                                                                            Chicago, IL
                                                                                                            Phoenix, AZ