Look in the mirror! That’s right, your appearance and attitude have LOTS to do with with how well you sell AVON products. Do you walk around like most people do with a scowl or frown upon your face? When asked questions are you positive or usually negative with your responses? If you honestly examine yourself in this way you might find that a slight adjustment could mean the difference in how successful your AVON business will become.

Would YOU buy anything from this gal???

Would YOU buy anything from this gal???

I don’t know about you, but if I walk into a store to buy a product I am usually drawn to the relaxed, friendly looking salesperson before the frown-latented bored fellow holding the building up. There is a reason for that. Just because of the way my salesman is holding themselves, I can tell they are going to do whatever it takes to satisfy my inquiry of the product I need. I don’t even care if they personally are not an expert on this product, because I get the vibe that even if they don’t know, they WILL find out for me!

Why not try your hand at selling AVON one……more….time! It already is a product most people know. In fact, It very well could be considered the number one least threatening thing to sell! Most people get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you mention you sell AVON, you know that memory of how Grandma sat down with her AVON representative and chatted the hours away trying to figure out what lipstick to wear, or how you used to help mom toss AVON books to all her customers and shared a few of the samples with you… These are not threating memories, but fond ones from many peoples minds. So typically this merits a smile when you tell them you sell AVON. (Mark my words…when you tell them you sell AVON, they are gonna ask you for a book immediately!)

Now what do you do? You sign up to sell AVON one….more….time! Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions you may have at the following resources:

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