On January 26th, Avon's Wired To Win Leadership Summit proved to be more than your typical Avon meeting. A commitment was reached by the nearly 350 Gold leaders and above to strive for excellence when it came to the development and enrichment in the lives of every prospective Avon representative. As such, it is my heart felt resolve to help any and all who desire to make money in 2016. If you have considered selling Avon at any point in your lives, now is the time to do so! You can earn up to 50% commission on the products you sell, and with a solid up-line or sponsor you can turn your small business into something you can retire from. Feel free to check out www.start.youravon.com and enter in the reference code: wkemper

There, you can have many of your questions answered without having to meet with someone in person. Also, you can email me at waynekemper@yahoo.com and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. In a time when many are looking for an answer financially, the company you expect most unlikely could be the answer to your money problems. For a small investment of $15, you can start your own business and proclaim freedom from the man! Work for yourself and declare yourself independent. 

Locations in need of Avon Representatives are as follows: Louisville Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, Knoxville, Columbus, Springfield, St. Louis